Our Ambassador

We are pleased to introduce you our Ambassador who choose to take an active part of Wellness Escapes format

Dr.Giulio Giammarioli

Surgeon – Medical Officer

The beauty and proportions of a face are questions of millimeters: aesthetic medicine is art. We are in a new era of aesthetic medicine in which we no longer evaluate the wrinkle or the single defect, but the harmony of the volumes and the proportion of the face as a whole. I try to make the natural beauty both internal and external of each of us shine, in the perspective of individual well-being understood as the psycho-physical health of a person.

Olivia Gama

Influencer and model

I love traveling, getting to know the world and training to keep fit. My day is marked by a lot of appointments and that’s why I sometimes feel the need to recharge my batteries. In the events organized by Wellness Escapes I find everything I look for: relaxation, fitness and healthy eating.
My ideal vacation