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Frequently asked questions

We have created a section where you can find an answer to the most frequently asked questions.

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You have 2 ways to contact us:

  1. The chat you find at the bottom right. This is the most popular choice for assistance. Very short response times (a few minutes) and thorough answers.
  2. Sending an e-mail through the contact form alongside. We recommend this in case you have more specific enquiries.
Are you a hotel owner?

If you own a hotel and you love our philosophy, contact us and we will evaluate the possibility of organizing a wonderful Wellness Escapes event together.

For more information or questions call us at 371 379 68 24.


Is special physical training required to participate in an event?

No special physical skills are required for the activities offered by Wellness Escapes. You will be personally supervised and taken care of by our fantastic team of fitness and wellness experts.

What about the food?

The type of food provided in the facilities where we hold our events is in line with our philosophy: simple, healthy and nutritious. We guarantee options for people with food intolerances or special needs.

Can I plan my day?

Our activities are tailored to the destination, in order to fully enjoy, and benefit from, them: they include fitness, yoga and massage sessions and lots of fun, so you can spend unique and unforgettable moments. Of course, if you prefer to plan your day (or parts of it) on your own, you are absolutely free to do so!

What is the BestChoice accommodation?

BestChoice is our most popular option! If you choose the BestChoice accommodation, Wellness Escapes will accommodate you in one of the double rooms available: you will spend this fantastic experience with another traveler of your same gender. The best choice for socializing!

Are there any age limits?

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in our events.

What documents do I need?

It is your responsibility to obtain the appropriate documentation necessary for the Countries where the Wellness Escapes events are held, to hold an appropriate health and travel insurance and a doctor’s certificate for non-competitive sports.

Is the plane ticket included?

Unless otherwise specified on the page of the destination you have chosen, Wellness Escapes prices do not include the cost of airfare: you can choose the airport that suits you best to reach the destination you have chosen!

Can I cancel my booking?

Certainly, you can find our detailed cancellation policy in “Payment terms and conditions”.

Can I go alone?

Going alone is a great choice, and the one we recommend!

You will have the opportunity to meet and bond with new people, make new friends and share common interests in one of our incredible fitness and wellness adventures.