Here is why you should choose to do fitness in the morning.

Do you know what the benefits of a morning workout are? You will find lots of useful tips below.

Working out in the morning is becoming an increasingly common trend supported by several scientific studies. The University of North Texas explains that ‘working out upon awakening improves the sleep-wake rhythm’ by reducing tiredness levels during the day, and insomnia-related disorders.

The American Medical Journal states that only 23% of those who do fitness in the morning abandon training definitively, against 31% of those who train in the afternoon and 42% of those who train in the evening.

That is one of the reasons why we at WELLNESS ESCAPES® have chosen to start the day with the right energy; above all, our goal is to educate people to acquire healthy habits that are sustainable over time so to improve the quality of their lives.

Working out when you wake up makes you more energetic and active throughout the day, and sports encourage the body to release neurotransmitters that stimulate the central nervous system, regulating your mood and increasing your focus and your ability to concentrate.

Doing fitness in the morning increases the production of endorphins in both men and women by 500%. This perfectly explains the pleasant feeling of euphoria and well-being perceived after practice. Endorphins boost our pleasure, which leads to gratification and happiness, and help us better endure anxiety and stress. They also improve appetite control and reduce our perception of pain.

It is important that, after 6-8 hours’ rest, you start your morning workout in a slow and controlled manner, and avoid sudden movements or excessive efforts, as the muscles and tendons are cold and the joints are rigid.

Diaphragmatic breathing associated with cautious movements for joint mobilization of all peripheral and central districts is the right way to stimulate circulation, reactivate the synovial fluid, which guarantees movement fluency, and start your day.

During our retreats, morning training often takes place on the beach, so to take advantage of the salty air that reinvigorates our bodies; also, it helps consume more calories at rest during the day and stimulates the speed of metabolism. In the morning, the sea air is fresher and cleaner: it is much easier to breathe in long and deep, and recharge our bodies and minds with oxygen.

Basically, we are more vigilant and ready to face the day with extra energy.

Gianluca Tenore Co-Founder

Wellness Escapes®