Payment terms and conditions

User consent

I hereby grant consent to publish and/or release – for informational, promotional and commercial purposes – photographs/images and videos shot and/or taken during the event – on paper or any other means of publication – on Wellness Escapes’ website, and to them also being used by companies, websites and social networks in partnership with Wellness Escapes.

Participation fee

“Participation fee” means the price paid for the destination chosen, inclusive of all that is detailed in the “INCLUDED” section of each program.

All participation fees on the site are in Euros, unless stated otherwise.

The duration of each event is specified in the “DESTINATIONS” section, where you can view the detailed daily plan of each destination by clicking on “DISCOVER MORE”.

In order to establish the duration of each event, the calculation of the total number of days shall include that of arrival to and departure from the facilities, regardless of the timetable of the means of transport.


Identification of person traveling

You are responsible for the validity and truthfulness of the data you provide.



You will need to duly fill-in the specific on-line booking form. The booking is considered accepted when the organizer receives the first deposit of the fee for the destination chosen, or the entire amount.


Single payment of participation fee (10%-discount)

To book a spot for a specific event, you will be required to pay the entire participation fee within 90 days from the first day of the event.

Payment of participation fee in installments

To book a spot for a specific event, you will be required to make payments as specified in the room accommodation.

Payments will need to be effected manually (and will not be automatic) so as to guarantee you the highest degree of safety.

The day following the first and second payments, it will be possible to make the payment for the following month on the following link:

You will receive alerts by e-mail 10, 5, 3, 2, 1 days before the deadline.

You can make a down payment of € 300 by Payment Card (Secure Circuit Stripe). The down payment is not refundable.
In this payment mode agreed with a second instalment of 50% and next payment 30 days before the event.

Prices do NOT include travel expenses to reach the location.


Payments and failure to pay fees

The amounts, deposits and balances, according to percentages and deadlines as per the “Bookings” section, are detailed on the page of each event and reported in the notes to each planning.

Failure to pay the deposits on the dates set constitutes an express termination clause, and the organizer will be entitled to apply it without any reimbursement of the amount previously paid.



Even if you have a private health insurance in Italy (or in your Country of residence), please make sure that it covers traveling abroad and performing the activities provided by Wellness Escapes. It is your responsibility to have adequate health and travel insurance, as Wellness Escapes will not be held liable for your lack of insurance coverage.

Your insurance will need to include a doctor’s certificate necessary to participate in the events, stating you are fit for non-competitive sports, and which the organizers will view.

Wellness Escapes will in no way have any strict civil or criminal liability for injuries or illnesses that may occur during the event.

Wellness Escapes will be held harmless from any liability, direct or indirect, for any material and non-material damage and/or expense (including legal fees), which may be derived to you as a result of your attendance to the event.

For the duration of the event, Wellness Escapes will not be held liable for theft and/or damage to any personal item.



If you can no longer attend, someone else can replace you, provided that:

a. the organizer is immediately informed in writing, by e-mail to, of the replacement and of the complete details of the person replacing you;

b. the person replacing you meets all the requirements to use the service and, in particular, has in place all traveling documents (passports, visas, etc.) and the necessary insurance and health documents;

c. the person replacing creates a new account and declares to have read and accepted the “Payment Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” forms;

d. the same services (or other ones) can still be offered once replacement is completed;

e. the person replacing you reimburses the organizer for any additional expenses incurred in the replacement, in the amount that will be quantified before replacement occurs.



“Cancellation” of participation in events shall in no way mean postponement or participation in the rescheduling of the event, nor shall these be expected.

You are responsible for reading and understanding the Wellness Escapes cancellation policy prior to making a booking.


Guests’ cancellation policy

Different cancellation fees apply depending on when you cancel. Rates are set by the “Cancellation rates plan” below:

Cancellation rates plan:

Single payment of participation fee

  • Reimbursement of 50% of the amount paid if you cancel within 60 days before the first day of the event.
  • No reimbursement of the amount paid if you cancel after the 60th day from the first day of the event.

Payment of participation fee in installments

  • Reimbursement of the amount paid if you cancel within 60 days before the first day of the event.
  • No reimbursement of the amount paid if you cancel after the 60th day from the first day of the event.

To cancel, send an e-mail to

In case of cancellation, any amount will be reimbursed by PayPal within 2 business days from reception of the e-mail.

There will be no reimbursements in case of late arrivals or early departures in respect of the start and end dates of the event.

Due to reasons concerning organization, such as booking facilities and/or services, and other agreements we enter into in advance, no exception can be made to our policy for any reason whatsoever.


Event cancellation policy

Should Wellness Escapes, for any reason, cancel or change any event scheduled, you will be entitled to transfer the payment of the entire event to another event (scheduled or to be scheduled).

Alternatively, you can request reimbursement of the entire amount.

Wellness Escapes will not be responsible for expenses incurred in connection with any canceled event, such as accommodation other than that chosen for the event, airline tickets, loss of workdays and/or other costs connected to the preparation of the trip. We therefore recommend you acquire insurance for cancellation of the trip.


Passports, visas and documents

All those attending shall be responsible for obtaining suitable documentation and certificates necessary to enter the Countries where the Wellness Escapes events will take place.


Third parties

Wellness Escapes will not be held responsible for actions or omissions of third parties or independent contractors, even if they change the nature of a service with respect to what was advertised.


General waiver

You hereby agree and accept that during the event you will participate of your own volition in all the activities planned by the organizers and, to the extent permitted by law, you waive the right to pursue any legal action against Wellness Escapes.

Wellness Escapes declines any and all responsibility for damage to people or property due to the activities carried out during the entire event.

By booking, you accept all the above rules. For any questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to

* For any further information, such as early arrivals with related accommodation, postponed departures, airline bookings and/or extra services not included among those proposed by Wellness Escapes, you can refer to Even Tour Agency of Urbino at:

Viale Gramsci 10, Urbino (PU)
Opening hours: 9:00 – 13:00 / 16:00 – 19:30 Monday afternoon through Saturday
Tel. Nos. +39 0722 327504 – +39 0722 351232

The agency also manages the technical and tourist aspects of Wellness Escapes events.