Our team

A strong project for a strong friendship. Wellness Escapes is built on the friendship and mutual respect between Francesco and Gianluca, on their passion for Fitness and Wellness, and their professional skills in the two fields.

Driven by the shared desire to teach people greater care for, and awareness of, themselves, they have created a format that focuses on the person, through training, breathing, yoga and healthy eating habits. Fun, socializing and sharing will be at the core of your constructive experience with Wellness Escapes. Francesco and Gianluca are also the creators of the “7 minutes, 7 days” working protocol, the indispensable guide for a healthy body and a free mind.

Gianluca Tenore

– Co-Founder –

Holds a degree in Scienze e Tecniche delle attività Motorie (motor sciences and techniques), a diploma in Masso Physiotherapy and Osteopathic Manual Therapy, specializing in fascial normalization techniques.

He has developed skills on personal growth of leadership and motivation. The key principle of his practice is to consider the mind and body as connected and strictly interdependent; hence the importance of striking the right balance between the two and ‘taking care of both’.

Francesco Vetri

– Co-Founder –

Holds a degree in Scienze e Tecniche delle attività Motorie (motor sciences and techniques), is a certified Personal Trainer, specialized in functional tactical training – Tacfit, for strength and weight loss.
Trainer Master of TRX Suspension Training and Rip Trainer, for which he trains nationally; he has collaborated in training courses for Motor Sciences.
Fascinated by the abilities of the body, by how it can change and adapt to the stimuli induced by training and nutrition, Francesco transmits its principles and spreads its philosophy with passion and professionalism: ‘If the mind leads the body, nothing becomes impossible’.

Pierluigi Farné

–  Attractiveness and Fitness –

Beware: Eye-pleaser at work! Along with being a very successful, versatile and competent Trainer, both in and out of water, Gigi captures the attention of the students who appreciate his attractive looks. It is no surprise he is also a famous model and aspiring actor!!

Wellness Escapes lacks for nothing!!

Christina Tsompoli

– TRX addict –

Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach at a well-known sports center in Athens, Christina is TRX certified and an expert in functional training.

Sweat and a smile on her lips will always accompany her boot-camps on the beach, and they will totally win you over!

Emanuele Rodella

– The Beast –

Emanuele is the owner of a functional training center, which he directs with passion and determination; every day he puts his great skills into practice with his students, who follow him with incredible results!

He pushes hard, but knows how to measure the intensity of his training: if he knows you can do it, he will guide you to the finish line, you can be sure of that!

Penny Lampropoulou

– Positivity and energy –

Her motto is: ‘There is no substitute for hard work when you want to achieve success’.

She is energetic in employing her skills, and an expert in a new discipline, called Surfset Fitness, that will win you over! Ready to ride the wave?

Francesco Pizza

– The outdoor specialist –

Cheerful and always super dynamic, Francesco knows how to make you sweat but with a smile on his lips!

He is an expert mountain bike athlete and also specializes in functional training and TRX.

There is no downtime, full speed ahead!

Tiana Skendzic

– Style and passion –

A background as a ballerina and professional athlete led Tiana to discover the practice of Yoga, which she spreads with passion and dedication in the beautiful Ibiza. She has her own blog, Yoga Life Ibiza, which tells about her travels and lifestyle.

You can’t miss the chance to practice with her.

Ana Ferrer Prohias

– Train like a PRO –

An award-winning professional handball player, a renowned personal trainer at the most prestigious gym in Ibiza, Ana is a high-level athlete, and Wellness Escapes is proud to have her in its group of trainers!!

Train like a professional under the guidance of a professional!

Raquel González

– 100% motivation –

In need of motivation? Raquel is the trainer for you! 360° Fitness Lifestyle, she is a versatile personal trainer, pilates and yoga instructor.

Kettlebells, elastics and floor exercises are the tools of the trade that you will use in her stimulating fat burning circuits!

Let’s get some of that stress off!! 😉

Aurelio de Giovanni

– The doctor –

Nutritionist biologist, Doctor of Physical Education and Personal Trainer, Aurelio knows what he’s talking about when it’s time to get fit!
He will choose the ingredients of the meals prepared by a professional Chef.
Aurelio will also recommend the snacks to be used before and after our workouts.

Sandro Brancaleoni

– Yoga Master –

Sandro Brancaleoni is practicing yoga for 30 years.
He has worked as a scientific informant of the medicine for over 20 years dealing with various pathological areas.
Since 2011 he is been entirely dedicated to the study and the teaching of Yoga.
He is teaching yoga since 1999 and he is instructor of Parinama Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga according to the tradition of Pattabhi Jois and Yoga Synergy.
He is currently holding courses of Ashtanga yoga and Yoga Synergy in Urbino, and he is deepening his knowledge of Yoga Therapy with the Australian master Simon Borg Olivier.