Move, Breathe, Live

Only positive vibrations

Francesco and Gianluca have created Wellness Escapes with the aim of making you move away from the frenzy of everyday life and guide you towards healthy lifestyle habits. Activities are carried out by professional trainers from all over Europe. It is not a simple journey, it’s a path to rediscover yourself.

Our approach

Our approach is based on the importance of knowledge of the body, which becomes more efficient and responsive when guided by the mind. In our fitness sessions we offer engaging and fun workouts, we get rid of stress and release endorphins. In the practice of yoga, we contact our inner selves, we learn to manage emotions through breathing, while increasing our ability to stay focused. This experience will help you get out of your daily routine by rediscovering yourself in particularly evocative places. You will live intense moments of bonding, relaxation and recreation.

How to book

For each destination there are only 10-15 seats available, if you want to receive notifications about sales opening, all new locations and services, sign up now by filling out this form! When booking, you can choose between different types of rooms, choose the one that best suits your needs! You can pay in 3 installments or in one solution. Online booking and payment in absolute safety. If you have further questions, consult the FAQ section or write to one of our operators, starting the chat you find on the button at the bottom right.

A healthy diet designed for you

Nutrition plays a fundamental role.

The food plan is designed by a nutritionist and the dishes prepared by a chef.

The foods are healthy and balanced, functional to the activities carried out.

We will help you acquire healthy habits even at the table.

Balance of body and mind

We have selected every member of our team to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

In our fitness sessions we offer always engaging and fun workouts, we discharge stress and release endorphins.

In the practice of yoga we come into profound contact with ourselves, we learn to manage emotions with breathing, while at the same time increasing the ability to stay focused and focused.

You will live intense moments of sharing, relaxation and recreation.

Only exclusive locations

We stay in villas where privacy and tranquility are absolutely respected.

We carefully choose the locations preferring villas with swimming pools and large green areas, away from the chaos of the city.

Rediscover yourself, regenerate and enjoy the taste of freedom

The destinations

The locations chosen for the activities go hand in hand with the Wellness Escapes philosophy: from the magic of the sunrise to the breathtaking sunset over the sea, from walks in nature to water games, from hiking hills to jogging on the beach, you will be pulled out of reality, charged with positive energy and unforgettable moments.

Your trainers

The Wellness Escapes Team is made up of renowned professionals, with different specializations in the field of fitness and wellness..
We base our training on the quality of movement, and pay attention to both effectiveness and safety: we are at your disposal so that you can experience the best training in dream places that you will not forget!