Wellness vacations: 3 must-see destinations.

Need to take a break and recharge your batteries? All you have to do is choose.

You feel the time has come to make some time for yourself. You know a “classic” vacation will stress you out even more than before taking it. You feel the need to have fun in a place where relaxation is the magic word – where you can recharge your batteries and reconnect with reality but, above all, with yourself.

You’ve come to the right place: this article recommends 3 locations that have become famous for being the destinations of the new healthy and dynamic vacations format.

A total reset for the mind and body where you will discover a “new you”, more focused, less stressed, more relaxed, less tense, more smiling, less sulky, more relaxed, less “raddled”.

Your wellness destinations

In this article, we recommend 3 destinations carefully chosen by Wellness Escapes® as the setting for our Experiences, perfect for our anti-stress, regenerating and anti-age format.

1) Bali: Bali is an extraordinary place, the people are extremely welcoming and the atmosphere very relaxing, immersed in nature and unspoiled landscapes.

The rice terraces, the jungle, the waterways and the waterfalls will transport you to a world of freedom and tranquility. Bali is an open-air gym, Yoga is practiced on every corner, and nature can be used to perform the most diverse activities ranging from walks among the rice fields to rafting along the river, so you can relax and wind down from adrenaline.

From the point of view of nutrition, Bali has a vast choice of natural and vegetable products to cater to all tastes. It is packed with shops and bars where you can buy or order organic food for vegetarians, vegans and health enthusiasts in general; there are many dishes focused on healthy eating, and in many places you can taste delicious menus based on frozen yogurt and smoothies.

2) Ibiza: In this article we addressed the topic of a trend change in Ibiza, specifying that the island is undergoing an important, positive and healthy turnaround by hosting our fitness events for wellness.

The island is full of breathtaking landscapes where you can practice outdoor Yoga or activities by the sea, fitness, yoga and carry out a healthy lifestyle.

Even restaurants have been riding the healthy wave for a while, now, expanding their menus with more healthy and refined ingredients.

The magic of Ibiza and its positive vibes are a natural attraction for all those looking for a crystal-clear sea, unspoiled natural landscapes and breathtaking sunsets.

What can we say… we could treat ourselves to a more transgressive evening and go dancing at the disco, maybe? It will surely help us cool off!

3) Koh Samui: An all-round wellness stay is what awaits you in Koh Samui (Thailand). The island is paradise on earth: sun, golden temples, extremely sociable and helpful people. The beauty of the beaches and the flourishing nature makes this place the favorite destination of many travelers who, like you, need to immerse in… relaxation.

Nicknamed the Yoga Island, Koh Samui is an actual wellness location where Zen is all around you, and you have the feeling that everything goes in slow motion. By nature, Thailand is a highly spiritual country, and its Buddhist tradition has had a strong impact on its people: kind manners, attention and mutual respect.

A unique energy flows into Koh Samui, to be experienced and savored; here you really want to rediscover the true essence of things, steering away from globalized worldliness to make room for your inner universe, too often lost amidst the hectic pace of everyday life.

So, if you’re looking for immaculate beaches, palm groves, crystal-clear waters topped off with a nice dose of calm, this is the right location for you.

We at Wellness Escapes have not chosen these places randomly; they all have their own characteristics that are well suited to our philosophy.

Reconnect with yourself in precious environments and away from everyday stress.

These locations greatly enhance the benefits of our format: you will take away a great feeling of lightness and contagious positive energy.

After a Wellness Escapes® event you will feel reborn, you will rediscover yourself and acquire a practical exercises and advice that you may follow on your own when it’s time to go back to reality.

Here you will find our next departures – if you would like more detailed info, write to the newsletter or contact us, we will be happy to meet you!

Have a good trip with Wellness Escapes®

Wellness Escapes® Staff