What Are the Benefits of a Protein Breakfast?

Here are some useful tips for the first meal of the day.

Breakfast is one of those meals that can quickly turn into a happy hodgepodge of carbohydrates.

Muffins, cereal, toasts, rusks, cookies, croissants, donuts: sometimes the breakfast table looks more like a dessert banquet than a balanced meal. No wonder you have sudden mid-morning cravings!

According to some researchers, a protein-based breakfast makes us feel full longer, and is essential to avoid craving carbohydrates throughout the day. Some studies are currently looking into how a protein breakfast can affect eating behavior throughout the day: some of these studies have shown that eating a protein-based breakfast reduces the brain signals that control nutrition motivation and reward-based behavior.

High-protein breakfasts reduce calorie intake throughout the day and improve appetite-regulating hormone levels, leading to reduced hunger and cravings due to lower ghrelin secretion (a hormone that increases food intake) and higher concentration of peptide YY, a hormone that, together with CCK and GLP-1, inhibits food intake.

So, for a GOOD PROTEIN BREAKFAST, some foods you can try are eggs, ricotta cheese, Greek yogurt, milk shakes with whey protein and – being smart about it – even the highly popular protein pancakes with fruit.

Have a fresh start to your day!

Aurelio De Giovanni