Move Breathe Live

Only positive vibrations

Rediscover and regenerate yourself, and enjoy the taste of freedom.

We choose the locations carefully.

We have selected villas with swimming pools, where no one will steal privacy and quiet.

Come with us

Come with us to regenerate yourself and regain your balance;
Leave your worries and tensions behind, immerse yourself in a timeless dimension.

The destinations

The locations chosen for the activities go hand in hand with the Wellness Escapes philosophy: from the magic of the sunrise to the breathtaking sunset over the sea, from walks in nature to water games, from hiking hills to jogging on the beach, you will be pulled out of reality, charged with positive energy and unforgettable moments.

Your trainers

The Wellness Escapes Team is made up of renowned professionals, with different specializations in the field of fitness and wellness..
We base our training on the quality of movement, and pay attention to both effectiveness and safety: we are at your disposal so that you can experience the best training in dream places that you will not forget!